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Contact Info

                        “GEMZ CONSULTING SERVICES!”

My name is Gerry Lewy and a Diamond Setter since 1964. During the past 14 years I have taught in seminars and private tutoring in Canada and USA. I am very involved in the jewellery trade here in Toronto, Canada.

During the past 13 years, I have been a classroom instructor at a leading community college. In fact, it is almost unheard of these days to have a teacher go to a students office/shop and teach stone setting. To reach out and contribute to the future learning of skills to people is now a rarity, this is what I am now doing!

Why should you think of applying my skills to your shop? Can you imagine what you would have to do if you had to set a single one-carat diamond. You would have to send it across town just to get it set, then wait till the setter is finished. Time wasted, or a delayed sale!!!

In only 3 or 5 days, I will come to your shop and show you the only method in accomplishing this setting process. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to go to a school in another city..I will come to you! Plain and simple!…..“the school comes to you!

I explain and teach Gypsy/Flush Setting, Princess Setting, Bezel Setting, Round Brilliant-Cut with 4-6 claw rings, Mini-claw setting, Bead Setting and finally, “Setting stones in Wax!”

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I can be reached on my toll-free number 1-855-564-0003 also email at “”.